Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yvonne's Jubilee

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We had the privilege of joining the Juarez family in celebrating Yvonne's birthday in San Diego. It was great to see Luis and Yvonne, their kids and their son-in-law Craig. Pictured here are Siggie, Tracy, Craig, Yvonne, Daniel, the two Louies and me.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger louie juarez said...

Good blog. I need to start this for our church. We were blessed and honored to have you and Siggie celebrate with Yvonne. She saw God's hand in the whole thing since she asked for prayer just prior that attention would go to Jesus, not her. I saw the Lord honored through her life. It was amazing to me to hear the testimonies how God had used Yvonne to bring them to Christ. We will most likely see you this summer sometime since Yvonne does want to visit her folks in San Jose.She is at a youth camp for our church's VBS training in Aug.Thanks for the pictures. They are very good.


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